YouTube - new player skin

Youtube’s New Video Player UI – Bolder, Smoother and Sexier

From an unofficial source, it has been verified that YouTube is ready to launch a new user interface of its native video player. The new video player is more beautiful and perfectly matches Google’s so called material design.

Youtube player  - New control bar

Youtube player – New control bar

The new player looks more eye pleasing and is similar to many video players available for Android Mobile platform. The control and navigation bar disappears while it is not being used (triggered on user’s mouse hover), very similar to MX Player skin (Android) and VLC Media Player (Windows)

Youtube Player peek view

Youtube Player peek hover view

How to enable YouTube’s new experimental player in your browser?

If you want to enable the new player for your better browsing experience, follow these steps:

Edit YouTube’s cookie VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE

If you want to enable the experimental player, you need to change the cookie value for VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE to Q06SngRDTGA

Edit this cookie - Youtube - visitor_info1_live

Edit This Cookie – Youtube – visitor_info1_live

Youtube Language Settings

Make sure that you are using English – US version of YouTube. Otherwise change your language settings.

Youtube language settings

Youtube language settings


Note If you are using Google Chrome, you would require this extension – EDIT THIS COOKIE
For Mozilla Firefox users, Use Edit Cookie Plugin to perform as mentioned above.

Thanks toAngelo Giuffrida and Sterling Alvarez.