Windows never shuts down completely

Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 never shuts down or turns off completely – [SOLVED]

The Problem: Your windows PC or Laptop never shuts down completely and those two led indicators remain turned on forever.

Description: This problem is frequently reported on laptops running Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1. Whenever you Shut it down ( Settings -> Power -> Shut Down ), this shut down process is never finished and your system is still running apps in background and is not fully switched off. This is frequently noticed problem and can be verified from those LED indicators.

Solution of the Shutdown problem:

Method 1: Download the Registry tweak to solve the problem

Difficulty Level – Newbie

If you are a newbie or short of time and do not want to indulge in technical thing, here is the solution
Download this .reg file (Windows Registry file) and Double click it (Open it). Note that administrator privileges are required to execute this file and edit the Windows Registry

Shutdown problem solved – Registry File (372 bytes) You may require a ZIP extractor to Use the .reg file inside this compressed zip file.

Method 2: Use Power Options to solve shut down problem

Difficulty Level – Average Windows User

1. Go to Windows Control Panel
2. Choose Hardware and Sound
3. Under the Power Options Menu, Click on Change what the power buttons do (Second option)
4. Now click on the first option Change settings that are currently unavailable

Enable new options and un-check the Fast Startup option

Enable new options and un-check the Fast Startup option

5. You would notice that some more options can now editable in the same page
6. Under Shutdown settings, you would see that the option Turn on fast startup (recommended) is checked which is to be disabled because this is the option that is causing all the trouble
7. Uncheck to disable the option Turn on fast startup (recommended)
8. You are done. Restart your system to check that now Shut Down is working fine.

Method 3: Use Windows Registry Editor

Difficulty Level – Advanced Users

1. Go to Run Menu (Windows + R), type regedit and press enter. OR Search for regedit in windows search and choose regedit.exe to launch Windows Registry Editor.
2. Move to this path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ ControlSet001\Control \Session Manager\Power
3. Find the Key – HiberbootEnabled
4. Right click on it and Select Modify
5. In Value Data field, Input 0 and then Click OK

HiberbootEnabled Key in Registry - Set to 0

HiberbootEnabled Key in Registry – Set to 0

6. Shutdown your system so that settings can take effect.

Leave your comments if this worked or not. Don’t forget to share it with your friends, they also might be having a hard time with Windows Shut down 🙂