Windows 10 launch day and more - not what you expected

Windows 10 launch day and more – not what you expected

Our plans just plans

Ok, don’t plan anything for that special date – July 29th, which you probably already set in head like Windows 10 release date and plan to format your hard drive with XP, 7 or 8.1 (not 8 I assume;)) or just in rare cases install over it. Don’t! Your situation maybe such where you will not get it just yet.  Microsoft plans are such that probably only insiders also known as beta-testers will get it on release date. If you are casual windows user mentioned above you are more than likely have to wait until Microsoft deploy it all in some sort of waves.

Very big companies along with schools who actually buy software copies in bulk will not get their  until August 1st.  But at least for now you can be prepared if your system is not ready yet.

Who can apply ?

I can understand Microsoft. They must take their word for providing “free” upgrade to all current Microsoft systems no matter what for free. As you may have heard even pirated one will be upgraded for free. But it’s not that great for common PC user. Let’s talk more about it. It will be free for you if you run windows service pack 1 or windows 8.1. And if you upgrade in the first year you do not pay anything at all. Don’t listen to some internet rumors, it will be free. As long as it was happened in the first year of release you will get full working copy of windows 10 and it will work till Microsoft will officially stop supporting it and even then a bit more, like windows XP if you understand what I mean here. If you do have Windows Vista or Windows XP you will not get that free installation upgrade. If your reason here is old hardware – probably it’s time to make upgrade or buy totally new PC anyway. If you are using “non-genuine” copy of your current windows which is still should be 7 SP 1 or 8.1 you will get same “non-genuine” Windows 10 after upgrade.  If you are making your own PC or buying Windows 10 to run some virtual machine then Windows home 10 will be $100 for you and Windows 10 pro will be $199. If you are upgrading old machine to Windows 10 after that first year of free promo – you’ll have to pay for windows 10 too, well unless Microsoft decides to prolong that promotion.

How to actually upgrade ?

You wonder – via Windows update when it will comes out. There is now exists even some version of “Get windows 10” application which prompts you “to reserve” your copy of new Windows. You will be seeing that notification in your tray of Windows 7 SP 1 and Windows 8.1 systems. Yes, it’s legitimate, real and from Microsoft;) It was added there cause of Windows Update. It will be disappeared when you finally install that software. So.. you may want to “reserve” it and your PC will automatically download Windows 10 before release. Reserving will just save downloading time later. You don’t have to – you actually will be able to upgrade whole year for free, don’t forget.