why china will dominate the tech industry

Why China Will Dominate the Tech Industry in 2015?

“¢Did you know that due to the expansion of the Chinese technology market it will account for over 40% of the global technology industry?
“¢Or that Forbes estimates that Chinese branded smart phones will account for 1/3rd of global sales in 2015?
“¢The real scale of the Chinese tech industry comes in E-commerce where on one Chinese holiday alone, one e commerce company made $5.75 billion in 2013 – almost 3 times more than all of the U.S. E-commerce sites combined made on Cyber Monday in 2014.

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The Consumer Landscape

Understanding Chinese consumer landscape

More than 680 million people in China were online in 2014

Understanding the Chinese Tech Industry

A brief comparison of China with rest of the World on basis of technologies used :

Getting to know the Chinese Tech Industry

Getting to know the Chinese Tech Industry

China’s Big 3 Tech Giants

Tech Giants - Tencent Alibaba Baidu

Tech Giants – Tencent Alibaba Baidu

Smartphone Penetration – Numbers

Chinese smartphones - The revolution

Chinese smartphones – The revolution

Mobile Messaging Apps

QQ is number 1 smartphone app in China

QQ messenger is number 1 smartphone app in China

Social Media Networking

QZone - Chinese Social Network

QZone – Chinese Social Network

E- Commerce Marketplaces

Taobao is an e-commerce marketplace. It is twice the size of eBay and Amazon combined. During Chinese holiday ‘Singles Day’ in 2013, Taobao and its trade site TMall processed $5.75 billion in sales. By comparison, all of the U.S. e-commerce companies combined, processed $2 Billion on ‘Cyber Monday’ in 2014

Alipay is the largest mobile payment platform in the World. It processsed nearly $150 Billion in mobile transactions in 2013. Paypal, on the other hand, processed $27 billion in 2013.



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