What is Private Browsing

So, what actually is private browsing & does it really leaves no footprints on the computer

The answer is absolutely Yes, private browsing or private mode or incognito(Chrome) refers to the feature of the web browser which does not store all the local information about your session including browsing history,images,videos, text within cache etc.

As you browse the web, browser remembers lots of information for you – like the sites you’ve visited. There may be times, however, when you don’t want people with access to your computer to see this information, such as when shopping for a present.

In the normal mode, the conventional  the browser stores cookies & all the other browsing details to enhance the user experience  but beacause of this anyone can see your web activity and it’s not private & if it’s a shard system then your problem increases many folds


That is where the Private mode comes to your rescue. The moment you start browsing with the private mode the browser stops saving all the browsing details on the computer & once you close it nobody can trace your activity.

How to enable Private mode

1. Google chrome (Incognito Mode)

open the browser and press the options tab & u will find incognito option


or you can press (ctrl+shift+n) to enter incognito mode


2.Mozilla firefox

open the Browser & press on tools & ther u have the private mode option


or you can just press (ctrl+shift+p) to enter private mode


and in explorer too (ctrl+shift+p) will work.

Now the point is still after using private browsing and all these modes can someone access your browsing history.

Surprise!!!! surprise!! Still. someone can track down your browsing details by associating the IP adresses of your system & the server end but that is a elaborate process .So,nothing to worry about in the day to day life .