Watch and surf geo-blocked content with UnoTelly SmartDNS

Watch and surf geo-blocked content with UnoTelly SmartDNS

Ever experienced a video stream popping a message that “this web content is restricted for viewing in the states of U.S only”. Well, if you are fond of streaming TV shows and Movies over the internet, I bet that you have encountered such an error quite a few times in your lifetime.
For instance, You want to watch Academy Awards live (Oscars), but just because you are not an american, you can not stream it live. But here I present you UnoTelly SmartDNS, which lets you surf 300+ channels irrespective of your geographic location.

What is Geo-blocked content?

Geo-blocked means geographically blocked. Any type of content or online material which is restricted to a particular type of audience or a particular geographic audience is disallowed to access it. For example – Few videos on cricket Australia website won’t play if you are not using an Australian IP Address.

What is UnoTelly?

UnoTelly is a DNS service that lets you access Online Streaming TV channels. In other words, it’s an Online TV Service that bypasses Geographic Limitation.

How does UnoTelly solves this problem?

All you need is a UnoTelly account to use its services. GET IT FOR FREE
UnoTelly provides you premium and special DNS addresses, which can be used by clients or their users to access restricted content.

What am I supposed to do? THE PROCEDURE

1. Sign up and Get an account
UnoTelly offers 7 day trial for everyone to try its services. Click here to sign-up for free for UnoTelly services.

2. Configure your device
Device list :
– Select your device and you will find 2 DNS addresses titled as Primary DNS and Alternate DNS
– Use that address as your default DNS by visiting your network settings
How to configure Mac OSX with UnoTelly DNS
General method for configuration :
Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Settings -> IPv4 Properties -> DNS Settings

3. No more steps
It’s done. Go and browse the content you ever wanted to.

Performance Check of UnoTelly Smart DNS service:

The scenario :
We tried to watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on ABC
As known and expected, It was blocked due to our geographic location.

Blocked Video on Channel ABC

Blocked Video on Channel ABC

After signing up for UnoTelly services, the following DNS was alloted to me and as suggested we applied it on our host machine.

windows8 dns by UnoTelly

windows8 dns by UnoTelly

The DNS was very fast to respond and within no time, the internet connection was set up again but this time with a special superpower ( to unblock my favorite content ). Here is the screenshot of the video being streamed.

Video after using UnoTelly DNS

Video after using UnoTelly DNS

Plans and Pricing:
Since the service is not free, you may require to pay a few bucks for using the premium service. The monthly plans for UnoDNS start from $3.94 per month and $47.95 for an annual subscription. If you want to avail UnoVPN also (UnoVPN is faster and more secure with PPTP and OpenVPN Protocol support) monthly plans start from $4.93 per month and $59.95 on annual rental.

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