Top Music Players apps for smart phones

Smartphones today owe a lot to portable music players. Think about it – when you were little, what was the first piece of portable kit you were given? More than likely, it was a portable CD player. The iPhone owes it’s very existence to the success of the original iPod. The two are closely related, and although smartphones have for the most part overtaken standalone music players, music still plays a massive role in their sustainability.

So if you are a music lover, what are the best apps for you? Here are a few we like the look of.

Band of the Day

Breaking out of your comfort zone can be a little difficult when it comes to music. By the time you are able to afford a smartphone, your taste of genre is likely to be set in stone. But should you feel the need to shake things up a little bit, this app is ideal. Essentially, it sets out to give you a new band every day of the week. It doesn’t cover every genre of music (heavy metal, opera and rap are all under served), but the beauty of the app is that if you don’t like a band, a new one will be along the next day! Think of all the new bands you could get into over the coming months!


The king of online streaming, Spotify has a truly staggering variety of songs available for you to listen to. There are only a handful of big name bands missing from the service, but one or two omissions doesn’t dent the appeal in the slightest. The app’s functionality depends on your subscription. If you have the free version, you can only listen to pre-made playlists (you can make them in-app or on the laptop version) in shuffle mode.

Upgrade to the premium side however, and you can not only listen to whatever you want, you can listen to it wherever you want, even if your phone is offline! For just £9.99 a month, that represents a huge saving! Not to mention the high quality streaming and great customer service.


This app is pretty straight forward, as it’s name is also it’s description. The app streams any UK based radio direct to your phone. While more and more radio stations are getting better at streaming their feeds through apps, they tend to be scattered around. You would have to download a separate app for each one. Now, however, you can flick between 100s of UK based stations. What’s the likelihood you won’t find anything you like?


Finally, we have an app that looks to solve the age old problem of “I know this song!”. We’ve all been there – out on a night out, we hear a song that we like, but there is no way of knowing what it is outside of asking the DJ. Or when you’re watching a film and a song plays. You know it, but you can’t remember what it is called. That is where Shazam steps in.

To use it, you simply bring up the app and press the big button. The app will then record whatever song is playing for a few seconds, and then return with the name of the track. You can then purchase the song straight from the app. It works everywhere too, from recording from a TV to recording inside a loud nightclub. Never go with the headache of not knowing again!