Tips to turn your smart phone into a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot | HTC One M8

Tips to turn your smart phone into a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot | HTC One M8

Smart devices now days allow you to share your mobile network data with other users such as your family or friends. If you have internet data and your friend wants to use it on his smart device, you can turn your HTC One M8 in to a portable Wi-Fi router from the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature. The hotspot offers internet access over a wireless local area network (WLAN). Other devices such as smart phones and laptops are connected to your smart device through WLAN and are hence connected to the internet through your mobile data. This is an amazing feature and if you want to make use of it, but don’t know how, then this guide will help you turn your smart device into a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

To enable the Hotspot feature on your HTC One M8, follow the steps given below:

Tip 1Turn on your mobile data:
Before turning on the hotspot, make sure the internet data is switched on. There are two ways to do this:

Method 1

  • Pull down the notification panel from above the screen
  • Tap on the Mobile Data option to turn it on or off.

Method 2

  • Go to Settings on your smart device.
  • Tap on Data Usage
  • Turn it on by taping the button next to the Data Traffic.

Tip 2 – Turn on your hotspot:
Once you ensure your data traffic is enabled, follow the steps below to make your Smart Device a hotspot.

  • Go to Settings on your HTC One M8 from the Applications
  • Tap on More option under the Wireless and Network
  • Tap on Mobile Network Sharing.
  • Tap on the button next to the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Tip 3 – Secure your connection
Once you have enabled the portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature, it is important to secure your hotspot with a password. The first time you use the hotspot, you will need to set it up. Your phone will automatically give you a new window. Secure the hotspot by doing the following:

  • Enter Hotspot name: it’s the display name other devices will use to locate you.
  • Enter Hotspot password: It is the security pin that other devices need to gain access to your hotspot.

You device is now ready to be used as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot with secure connections.


As the hotspot uses the mobile data plan, it will use a lot of data since more than one device will be using it. So beware of the usage.