Tips to transfer LG G3 text messages to Laptop | Computer

Tips to transfer LG G3 text messages to Laptop | Computer

You never know when you would need to conduct a factory reset, or buy a new smartphone.  Both of these cases may cause data damage and deletion in your LG G3 smart device. It is important to have a backup of all your important data with you that you can use later. The most important data in the smart device are SMS (short message service), once deleted cannot be recovered again.

This guide will tell you how to transfer and save your LG G3 text messages to your laptop. Whether you want backup or transferring old memories to your laptop to create more space in your inbox, this guide will help you figure that out.

Grab a USB cable and follow the steps:

  • Firstly, download “MobileGo” on your laptop from the internet and install it. MobileGo will allow you create backups of all kind of data.
  • Open the software and connect your LG G3 smart device with the Laptop using the USB cable.
  • Once your laptop detects your phone, it will automatically give you several options to choose from.
  • Find the SMS icon on the top bar and click on it. It will help you manage everything relating to messages.
  • Select your messages in the window that appears and click on Import/Export button.
  • Choose “Export all SMS to computer” or “Export selected SMS to computer” to save them to your computer in .txt or .xml format.
  • You can also use the “One-Click” backup button to save all the contents. And even use this tool to select the messages only by unchecking the other options.

Another tool that you can use instead of MobileGo is “SMS Backup and Restore” app from Google Play. It will allow you to store your messages in you SD card or even on Dropbox. You can even transfer the backup through email.

  • Just open the SMS Backup and Restore application on your phone
  • Go to “Backup
  • Select Backup SMS and choose options that you require to store it on your SD card, Email or Dropbox.


MobileGo is a very extensive tool. It can store all kind of data for backup. But if either of the mentioned apps doesn’t work for any reason, there are various other options online that you can use.