Tips to transfer LG G3 pictures to Computer/Laptop

Tips to transfer LG G3 pictures to Computer/Laptop

Media can take up huge amount of space on your LG G3 Smartphone. All those accumulated pictures which are taken throughout the day, including the useless ones can significantly take up your device’s space and leave you with less room for more activities. So it will be better to transfer LG G3 smart device pictures to computer or laptop. These photos can be easily transferred to your computer as backup or a separate storing place.

Now you might be wondering that how to transfer LG G3 pictures to computer/Laptop? All you will need is a USB cable, and the steps mentioned in this guide to help manage your photos and free up the mobile’s space.

Procedure to mobile transfer Pictures to computer:

  • Using the USB cable, connect your LG G3 smart device to your computer.
  • Pull down the Notification Menu from the top of your device and select Media Device. This will allow you to transfer any media files to your computer.
  • On your PC, open My Computer in a window.
  • In the My Computer window, you should be able to see your mobile icon under Devices and Drivers. Once it has appeared, open it.
  • Click on the Internal Storage icon that appears in the new window.
  • The entire pictures are by default stored in DCIM Locate and open this folder to find your pictures.
  • Now that your pictures are in the opened window, select and drag or copy paste the selected pictures to which ever folder, as preferred, on your computer. Now you are done with transferring mobile pictures to computer.

This is the simplest trick to transfer pictures to computer and to make LG pictures backup in computer.


If the USB cable drivers along with the LG smart device are not installed in your computer then you will not be able to transfer android device pictures to the computer.