Tips to solve LG G3 freezing issue

Tips to solve LG G3 freezing issue

Smartphone are a very powerful device with amazing features and high screen resolutions and is common to face problems with such powerhouses. And just like any smart phone, the new LG G3 also faces certain issues. One of the most common problems is LG G3 freezing issue. The situation gets very frustrating if the LG G3 user is in hurry to some urgent work or needs to get out of some emergency and at the same time LG G3 smart device start freezing.

But there is no need to worry if your LG G3 faces freezing issue. You might be thinking how to solve freezing issue in LG G3? Then the answer is in our below guide that has the tips to remove LG G3 freezing issue.

All you will need to download these software and follow the below steps:

  • Clean Mater
  • Nova Launcher
  • Opus Launcher
  • CPU Monitor

Follow these simple tips to prevent the freezing issue:

Tip 1 – Remove Junk

  • Download and install Clean Master It will clean all of the junk files accumulated on your smart phone that cause it to slow down and eventually freeze.

Tip 2 – Change your Launcher

  • The smart phone mostly freezes when it is unlocked. Try changing your launcher to Nova Launcher or Opus Launcher.

 Tip 3 – Background applications

  • There might by applications running in the back ground which use extra RAM and may freeze your phone. Download and install CPU Monitor in your smart phone. It will help you track those applications and you can uninstall them.

Tip 4 – Don’t overuse

  • If you play games with which use large space on your RAM, and are heavy graphics, don’t play for too long. It may overheat your smart phone and cause it to freeze.

We hope this guide helps you solve the problem. If it doesn’t work, your last option is a hard reset.


Be careful while performing a hard reset and you must need to backup all your important data in your Computer/ Laptop. As hard reset will remove all the previous and will make the device same as that it was in the start.