Tips to restore deleted Whatsapp messages

Tips to restore deleted Whatsapp messages

Smart devices have made our life simple and the communication services the smart devices offer are remarkable. The world has never been connected the way it is now. With apps such as Whatsapp, people can message anyone around the globe through internet services. Whatsapp is a great tool for communication and works only on Internet services. But humans make mistake very often and you might just have accidently deleted your Whatsapp chat history, or you might want to recover an old chat, that was deleted earlier, for some useful information.

To recover deleted message of Whatsapp can be simple and complicated. This guide will discuss both methods to help you recover your deleted messages on your smart device. Just follow any method mentioned below to get your messages back.

Method 1: Accidents happen

This method is only applicable if you “accidently” deleted Whatsapp message, and it has not been more than 7 days since the mishap. Whatsapp automatically creates a backup of your messages in its data base for the last 7 days. To restore those messages, just follow these step:

  • Un-install your Whatsapp app from your smart device.
  • From your smart device go to Google Play Store.
  • Re-install Whatsapp on your smart device.
  • When the application initializes, it will automatically ask you if you want to restore your old messages. Tap on Restore to restore your old messages as well as the deleted chat that was 7 days old.

Method 2: Manual Restore

If you want to recover a chat which you deleted more than seven days ago, you will need a more complicated, but easy-to-follow method listed below.

You will need a USB cable to connect your smart device to your computer.

  • Connect your smart device to your computer.
  • Once your smart device is connected and detected by the computer, open the SD card folder on your smart device from My Computer.
  • Locate and open Whatsapp folder and then open the Databases
  • You will see several chat files and they will be named something like “msgstore-2015-07-29.1.db.crypt”. 2015-07-29 in the name is the date.
  • Now rename the first file named”db.crypt” by adding an old or something in the name.
  • Now select any file with the date earlier than the date you deleted your messages.
  • Rename the selected file to db.crypt.
  • Now disconnect your smart device from the computer
  • Un-install and re-install Whatsapp on your device.
  • Tap on restore when the application asks you to.

Whatsapp will restore all your message from the selected date.


Method 1 will only work if you deleted your chats no longer than 7 days ago.

Method 2 will recover the earlier deleted message, but keep in mind that it will delete your recent chat history. There is no simple method to merge the old chats with the new one.