Tips to restore back up on your smart device | LG G3

Tips to restore back up on your smart device | LG G3

Smart phones store a lot of our personal data like pictures and messages. It is important to create backup of these files for several reasons. You may create a backup of your data when you hard reset your smart device, or when you give your smart device for repair, or even when you buy a new smart device. And for the same reasons, you will need to reinstall the backup on your smart phone. If you are having difficulties in reinstalling your back on your smart device, then this guide will tell you of the potential ways to reinstall your backup data on your smart device.

How to restore LG G3 data backup?

Method 1 – Use Google Sync

If you have synced all your data like contacts, messages and pictures with Google then you can restore your back up data online very easily. You can use Google Sync to restore your backup by doing as follows:

Open Settings on you smart device from the main menu.

  • Tap on Accounts & Sync.
  • From the set of options given on the screen, tap the check box next to the items you wish to restore.
  • If the data is available in the Google data base, it should be able to sync all you backup automatically.

Method 2 – Use External Location

If you haven’t synced your backup with Google, and instead you have kept your data on an external location such as a laptop or computer then follow the tips below:

  • Use a USB Cable to connect your smart device to your computer.
  • Once the computer has detected your device, open My Computer.
  • Click on your smart device’s icon that appears.
  • In a new window, open the backup files that are stored on your computer.
  • Now simply Copy and Paste the files from your computer to the default folders on your smart device. For example, all pictures will go in DCIM folder on your smart device.


If you used a third party application to back up your data, then you should reinstall the same application on your smart device again and restore your data by going through the restore process on the application.