Tips to fix auto brightness issue | LG G3

Tips to fix auto brightness issue | LG G3

The large part of any smart phone’s battery is consumed by the brightness feature of the smart phone. Too much brightness means too much battery usage. Smart phones have a feature of auto brightness that helps manage the brightness depending on the requirement. In every smart device there is a light sensor which enables the smart device to detect the intensity of the light.

Through light sensor the smart device uses the feature of auto brightness and set the brightness according to the requirements. If the mobile light sensor detects high intensity of light then the auto brightness increases the brightness of the light and it automatically reduces brightness if the place is dark to reduce eye strain. Same feature is available in the LG G3 smart device and sometimes it faces the issues as well.

If you are a LG G3 smart device user and facing the auto brightness issue then there is no need to worry, the below guide is all about to fix LG G3 auto brightness issue.

Software for fixing Auto Brightness issue:

  • Lax Auto Brightness
  • Cabarets

Follow these tips to fix your auto brightness issues:

Tip 1 – Auto Brightness

Check if LG G3 smart phone’s auto brightness feature is enabled.

  • Pull down the notification panel from the top.
  • Tap the Brightness option.
  • Tap the auto brightness button on the right to turn it on or off.

Tip 2 – Manual Brightness

Auto brightness changes the brightness depending on the amount of light in the surrounding. For example, if the room is dark it will make the screen less bright, and if the room is bright it will make the screen brighter. LG G3’s auto brightness is not really good at this feature. It is has low auto brightness settings. That means the screen would not be that bright and look dark even in a fully lighted room. In that case:

  • Pull down the notification panel of the smart device.
  • Tap on brightness option.
  • Tap on auto brightness button to turn if off.
  • Manually scroll the brightness bar with your fingers to set the brightness.

Tip 3 – Third Party Application
You can also download and install auto brightness software’s such as Lax Auto Brightness and Cabarets. These software provide a brighter screen outdoor.

Important Notes to keep in mind:

Turn off your auto brightness when outside and switch to manual brightness.

Something might be blocking your brightness sensor on the phone. Make sure to clean it. If it doesn’t help, your phone’s sensor may be damaged. In that case, a Repair Center will fix it for you.