Tips to Copy Phone Contacts to SIM card | Samsung Galaxy S4:

Tips to Copy Phone Contacts to SIM card | Samsung Galaxy S4:

With the evolution of mobile technology everything is getting better day by day in the mobile technology. If you move a decade before there was not enough memory in the mobile devices to copy the more number of contacts. The user can copy maximum number of 250 contacts in the SIM card and 250 contacts in the mobile device. But now in latest smart devices including Samsung Galaxy S4 you can save unlimited number of contacts. If you connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 with Google account then you can save the contacts permanently and can retrieve at anytime.

Most of the Samsung Galaxy S4 users don’t know about how to transfer the phone contacts to SIM card memory or from phone memory to the SIM card. You can transfer unlimited contacts to the S4 Phone memory but a few about 250 to 500 to the SIM card memory. Below is the step by step guide to transfer S4 Phone contacts to the SIM card.

Tip to Transfer Phone contacts to the SIM Card in Samsung Galaxy S4:

Although transferring of contacts is a simple process but still you need to follow every step properly because a wrong tap can move the contacts to any other contact storage memory.

  • Tap on Contacts on the home screen, if don’t find the Contacts application on the Home screen then follow the below step.
  • Tap on Apps on the Home screen.
  • Swipe left or right to find the Contacts
  • Now there are three options you need to tap on the Contacts tab.
  • Now, tap the Menu key on the device to display the options.
  • Select Import/Export option from the list.
  • Now you will have a number of options that will be asking you to Copy contacts from which storage. You need to tap or select the Phone Storage.
  • Tap on the Next button to open the Copy Contacts to Menu.
  • Tap on the SIM Card Name.
  • Now the contacts directory will open, select contacts one by one that you want to copy.
  • Tap Ok to finish the process.

Here you are done; with in no time the contacts will be copied from Phone memory to the SIM card.

Precautions: Follow each step properly, a miss/wrong tap will result in the movement of contacts to any other storage or may result in the deletion of contacts.


Author: Bilal Altaf Khan Swati