Tips to activate and use NFC in LG G3 smart device

Tips to activate and use NFC in LG G3 smart device

All new arrivals of smart devices are embedded with NFC technology. NFC or “Near Field Communication” allows the users to transfer small data from smart device to other smart device, if the devices are within 6 centimeters of range and it does not require any pass key of internet connection.

The new LG G3 also features NFC technology, but not many are aware of its usage. To use NFC on your LG G3 all you need to do is to follow either of the two possible ways mentioned:

Through Notification Panel

To activate and use NFC through notification panel of LG G3 follow the below steps:

  • Pull down the notification panel on you G3 device.
  • Look for the NFC button; it must be near the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth button.
  • Tap on it to activate NFC sharing feature.
  • Once the NFC is turned on, your device is ready to transmit data or even pay from your credit card.

Through “Settings”

If you cannot locate the NFC button in the notification panel then follow this step to activate and use NFC in LG G3

  • Go to “Settings” from your main menu.
  • Open “Network” window.
  • Tap on “Share & Connect”. Now you should be able to see the NFC option.
  • Turn it on by tapping on the switch button to the right and start sharing.

To successfully share data through LG G3 NFC, make sure the other smart device’s NFC is also enabled. Once both devices’ NFC’s are activated, hold them close, within the above stated range and tap on the screen to enjoy the hassle free file sharing feature.