Tips and tricks to change Led Notification settings | Samsung Galaxy S4/S5

Tips and tricks to change Led Notification settings | Samsung Galaxy S4/S5

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 have an extensive number of features. Some of the features are well known to everyone and are used regularly. But some of the features are common and few users want to interact with these features. One of such features in Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 is LED notification. This feature enables the user about the new notifications. If the mobile is on silent mode then the user can track the new arrived updates with the LED notification light.

There are options in the device to change LED notifications settings S4/S5 but most of the users are not familiar about it. So this topic concern about Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 tips and tricks to change Led notification settings. Through our guide you will also be able to disable the Led notifications

Tips to change LED Notification settings in Samsung Galaxy S4/S5:

With our below simple step by step tips you can easily change and disable the LED notification in your Android Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5

  • Tap on Apps on the Home Screen
  • Swipe left or right to find Settings, tap on
  • Tap on My Device for Samsung Galaxy S4 and for Samsung Galaxy S5 just skip this step.
  • Tap on LED Indicator. Now you will have a number of option about the LED notification, if you want to disable the LED notification you can use the same menu to disable.
  • Check the boxes that you want to enable for the notifications. If you want to have only the notification of device charging then just check the box in front of charging tab. same is the case for low battery, notification and voice recording.
  • Press the Menu button and you are done.

NOTE: If you put your Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 in the silent mode and you have disabled the LED notifications then you will not be informed about the new notifications.


Author: Bilal Altaf Khan Swati