Smart Data Usage Tips | LG G3

Smart Data Usage Tips | LG G3

Smart phones are mostly used by the people to surf the internet facilities through Wi-Fi, 2g, 3g, 4g and LTE. Social media websites like Facebook and YouTube are the main source of entertainment for many smart device users. And since they use internet, they can significantly consume internet data service.

Most of the users came up with the complaints that the data is consumed more than the usage. But there are certain reasons that results in the extra mobile data consumption. If your internet data is being consumed too much on your LG G3 smart phone, then you can use this guide and reduce mobile data usage, and avoid those over usage charges.

There are several applications for your LG G3 smart phone to help you save your data usage. You might need the following Software:

  • Onavo
  • My Data Manager
  • Chrome Beta
  • Opera Mini

Here are the tips that will help you reduce data usage:

Tip 1 – Turn off Mobile Data:
You should turn off your data usage feature when not surfing the web by doing the following.

  • Pull down the notification panel from the top
  • Tap on Data Usage button on the top to turn it off or on when needed.

Tip 2 – Putting Limits:
Many applications run in the background and consume data. You should put a data usage limit on these apps. In LG G3 you can check and restrict data usage for any applications.

  • Go to Settings from Main Menu
  • Tap on Data Usage
  • Check any all apps
  • Tap the check box next to the app to restrict its data usage.

Tip 3 – Light Browsers:
Switch to other browsers which use less data like Chrome Beta or the Opera mini. Chrome Beta has a feature to increase the browsing speed and decrease the data usage. Just download these applications from online stores.

These tips will help you solve your data usage problem. You may need to get your actual data usage stats from you service provider as the data usage shown on the smart phone can be different from the actual.