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Recovering your deleted data and files on Windows based PC

If you deleted any of your data or files on your Windows based PC, Don’t worry about it. Yes, you can recover it with ease of a few clicks. Even if the data disk was corrupted, formatted or deleted, you can still recover it.

Before we start talking about recovery, we need to know what actually happens while we save or delete or move or copy any files.

sample disk partition usage

sample disk partition

Here is an example of how files are recovered on a disk. Every hard disk has clusters in which data is actually stored and each operating system uses its own method to keep a record of the fragments, tracks and sectors with the method of flagging.

For newbies, these terms may sound very confusing, to study about it in details please refer to this article.

For Linux based systems, read this


Well that was the theory part,  but you should know

How does recovery actually works even if the data is deleted ?

Here is my imagination about the disk partitions and recovery.

Suppose that there is a huge area of land which is owned by no one and has a black (unallocated memory) colored flag on it. Then someday, a guy/ thief  having a large treasure with him, digs that land puts the treasure inside (beneath) that land and marked the land with blue (used memory) colored flag.

After a few days, someone removed that blue colored flag and put pink (free memory) colored flag on it without knowing about the treasure under it. [Note that treasure was still there, only flags were changed]  After a few days, that thief sent his friend to pick that treasure. That friend knew about the location well and thus he dug the land again and recovered all that treasure and marked it with white flag.

The thing to be noticed and mentioned here is that if some program overwrites that data with its own, you would not be able to recover your older data. that is a simple fact. Overwritten data can not be recovered well and has very high chances of data corruption.


Summary of the story – > 

  • That land with black flag is your disk which is totally free and un allocated.
  • The thief is any program which saves some files on the disk and flag that space as USED with blue flag
  • The guy who changed the flags from blue to pink (from used to free memory) is the OS which deleted the files on the user’s demand.
  • That friend of thief is the recovery program which recovers data and files from those locations.

So after a lot of explanation, I hope you know what actually happens while you recover your data.

There are a few programs which recover your data with ease of a few clicks. All you need to do is, select the disk partition from which you want to recover data and let the program do what it is supposed to do.

Here are a few software which perform the recovery task very efficiently :

Recover My Files : It is a very good software and it is highly recommended to use this software if you are in short of time and have to recover small amount of data like a few number of files. You can purchase this program for for $70 $69.95 only. <- yeah that is sarcasm. The software is handy and can be used to recover your files. Free version is also available here but you would not be able to save files with it. If you are a torrent freak, you would easily get technician version or professional version on piratebay or kickass torrents.

recover my files

recover my files

Ease Us Data Recovery Wizard : I use this software personally, so I am very much sure about its efficiency. Its is excellent program and works quite good on slow systems too. Takes some extra time if compared with RecoverMyFiles but is reliable. If you have a huge amount of data to be recovered then I recommend this software. Its price is $69.95 again but free version is quite good enough and I recommend the same.
Again full versions can be found easily on warez sites.

easeus data recovery wizard

easeus data recovery wizard


I have listed only two software here in this article, if you want to compare few more software, this site lists all of them with reviews -> . If you find something more interesting about it, please leave a comment.