Project Maelstrom - way to a new web

Project Maelstrom (beta) launched – The next generation of web is here – backed by people themselves

After being discussed in December 2014, BitTorrent’s project MaelStrom has arrived in its beta phase of testing as of April 10, 2015. Not many people know about this project as it is not involved with big names in telecom and technology industry, but what makes this project awesome is the idea behind it – The idea of an internet powered by the people, to keep it neutral, to make it work just like the way torrents work.

Installing Maelstrom browser

Installing Maelstrom browser – Download link provided below

Well, dear readers, future of the internet is here; breaking all the conventional ways of accessing and surfing the web. So, heading straight towards the topic. What is this maelstrom?

What is project Maelstrom?

Project Maelstrom is a private project maintained and endorsed by BitTorrent Inc. This project is based on the idea of distributed technology that underpins bittorrent itself. Project Maelstrom focuses on a new kind of internet which does not runs on a traditional “Client and Server System” but uses all the older clients as Servers (Just the way how torrents work).

Maelstrom - finding peers

Maelstrom – finding peers

What it does and How it is gonna help me?

Maelstrom and this entire project is about sharing resources by multiple end to end connections between several other nodes. This technology is incorporated in a browser available at which has an inbuilt capability of handling magnet links and torrent files (similar to torch web browser) and they are used to fetch the data from othe connected clients via a central server known as a tracker (a bittorrent tracker stores information about the connected nodes, not a hosting server)

Maelstrom - Full webpage

Maelstrom – Full webpage

With such a new technology, it is possible to scale the efficiency of internet space. Sparse location and distributed data further ensures that our private data won’t be used by big companies. Truly inherits the Internet Neutrality and will ensure its openness.

To download Maelstrom browser, click the download button below

Download Maelstrom (Beta) for Windows

Download Maelstrom (Beta) for Windows

WAIT, WHAT? What is Distributed web content?

A Distributed web : A new web, powered by people.

Distributed web means sharing files directly from a person to person, so saves hosting costs. The HTML content would now be saved in users systems and since all of them are connected, a new user can easily access that content without exploiting a server’s resources.

To read more about Maelstrom and to receive updates kindly visit BitTorrent blog.