iOS 9 release, features and other details

Can’t wait to see iOS 9

We all waiting iOS 9 like it was with 8 release. It will be newest mobile operating system for devices like iPhone and iPad, it was introduced on big conference which took place on June 8th. It will take major parts of it still from iOS 7 and iOS 8 but with some design changes, redone to good features, somewhat improved functions overall and especially in performance sense. Biggest focus will be on intellectual things like allowing iPhone and iPad various devices to learn user habits and behave accordingly like we may see it already on some desktop operating systems like Windows 10.

It’s behavior

It will open some apps before you even need them, will make recommendations on various places you may like to see and visit and actually helping us like we see only in cinema actions films like latest terminator part;) That will help you to appear in right place in right time. Now let’s talk more about that personal assistant, it have name, Siri.

Siri able to do some reminders based on context, look trough photos and videos in improved ways. There will be new section left from home screen of device which will be named “Siri Suggestions” which will do all of that along with present favorite apps and contacts in addition to your loved news channel and restaurant;)

Deeper search will present you results of some sport event, videos and third-party content …. hell, there will be even some thing like simple calculations and conversions using that deep search.

Improved apps

Many apps now have improvements – your usual Notes now have sketching features and checklists, Maps – transit directions since now, Mail allow to attach files (how technically lol, but still good to have even that basic things now in your favorite device) and no heard before “News” app that (as I probably already mentioned above) now looks for your behavior and acts accordingly, delivering relevant content you may want to read. Things like Apple Pay now can store credit cards and loyalty cards, very useful and well used feature I would say. Passbook app will be renamed to Wallet in new mobile OS.


I mean mainly split screen thing here, it let’s two applications to be used at the same time and there will be also thing like picture-in-picture which will allow your for example to watch some video and at the same time do something else on your tablet. Sounds cool ? You bet;) iPad now have much deeper functionality on it’s keyboard – new toolbar. On both iPad and iPhone devices there will be two-finger gesture with swipe ability. It was invented to make it much easier for you to make usual simple task like paste, cut, copy some content and also cursor moving on the screen.

And more

New system font named San Francisco will be presented in new release of iOS 9 too. CarPlay wireless support.  Thing like…. badam, iCloud, yes. iCloud drive app, optional one. Your usual well known in places like Google, Facebook, E-mail etc two-factor sign in authentication and longer passwords (optional) in order to provide better security.