HTC One M8 |Better Battery Usage for your smart device

HTC One M8 |Better Battery Usage for your smart device

The HTC One M8 smart device is loaded with amazing features. With latest software, and the super-efficient QUALCOMM’s snapdragon 801 chipset, it is designed to perform at high speed and minimize battery usage. But still a high number of complaints mentioned that the device charges very slowly and at times, drains very quickly. This problem leaves the user with less time to enjoy the full features of HTC One M8.

The HTC One M8 is equipped with 2600mAh battery, which is a little less than its competitors who have batteries up to 3000mAh. You can play games, check emails and browse the internet but it will drain your battery 40% faster than normal. To overcome this obstacle, this set of tips is combined to guide you in fixing your Smart device’s battery usage problem. Below are some tips you can use to:

Tip 1 – Power Saving Mode:
By activating Power saving mode on your smart device, the CPU installed in the HTC One M8 will work under moderate conditions. This means that it will not slow down the phone; instead it will reduce the brightness and switch off the vibration for efficient use of the battery. It will also manage the data usage depending on the requirements. Follow the steps below to enable Power Saving Mode:

  • Go to Settings from the main menu.
  • Tap on Power option
  • Find Extreme power saving mode and tap on the button next to it to switch it on.
  • In the prompt window, tap OK.
  • Now restart your smart device.

Tip 2 – Third Party Applications:
You can also use some third party applications to help you.

  • Open the Main Menu
  • Tap on Google Play Store to open it
  • Search for Gsam Battery Monitor App, or any other power management app you prefer.
  • Download and install the apps.
  • Use the app to monitor your power usage by changing the preferred settings on the app.

Tip 3 – Charging fault:
It could be possible that your charging device is faulty.

  • Check if your USB Cable is working fine by using it with your computer
  • Check if your charger is faulty by charging with other chargers.
  • Check if the electrical socket you are using is fine by plugging your charger on to another power outlet.


While charging make sure your charger is working in good conditions.

If there is no Power Saving Option as mentioned in tip 1, then you should update your device to the latest software. Charge your device after you have activated the Power Saving Option.