How to transfer files to SD card in LG G3?

How to transfer files to SD card in LG G3?

Most of the Android mobile devices contain a slot for external storage devices such as SD cards. SD cards can store various forms of data such as music, videos, pictures, documents and other types of files as well. Same is the case in LG G3 smart device; you can use an external SD card for more space. Since the mobile devices have limited storage capacity and using that storage can slow down your smart phone, so the better option is to transfer the data/files to SD card. But in doing so, you may encounter problems such as “Device not found” or connection fluctuations. These issues need to be dealt very carefully as it may require many technical aspect to be checked. You may require additional hardware or separate software to perform the transfer successfully. Most commonly you may need

  • SD card adaptor – to hold and read the card placed in its slots
  • USB cable – through which you can connect your SD card to the computer.
  • ES File manager software – if you want the file sharing experience to be easier.

Follow these steps to efficiently transfer data to your SD Card in LG G3:

  • Connect your SD card to your computer. If your computer has a built-in slot for SD card, place your card in it, otherwise use the adapter.
  • Connect it to your computer using the USB cable.
  • Check if the card has been detected by going to the “Device Manager” in the control panel of your computer. If the SD card sign has appeared, it is detected.
  • Open the SD card folder, and simply copy paste any item that you want to the card. Don’t lose connection while transferring, it may damage the data.
  • Make sure that the files are transferring to the right folder. In case it is not guided in the right folder. LG G3 has a separate file to browser features that will send the files to the right folder depending on the contention. For example, pictures will automatically go to DCIM folder.

Keep in mind that you don’t fill the card beyond its storage capacity and always scan the card for viruses before using it.