How to keep your phone safe on a night out

How to keep your phone safe on a night out

What is the thing everybody dreads about smartphones? The main worry doesn’t tend to be their functionality, style or name value – it’s their value. Getting a top of the line smartphone can put you on a contract that exceeds almost anything else you own. Even the more “affordable” ones can rack up in costs pretty quickly. If someone were to steal it and get away, you may be left with a lot of expensive bills to pay with no phone to show for it.

Following closely behind that is the fear of the information modern phones store getting into the wrong hands. People know that security is good enough that nosey friends and family won’t be able to gain access to it if it is properly protected, but more experienced hackers may still be able to access bank accounts, emails and other sensitive information.

This is why keeping your phone safe is paramount. Nowhere is this consideration more important than on a night out. Busy bars + lots of passing people + alcohol is not an ideal mix for keeping your phone secure. But there are some precautions you may want to take.


Above, we mentioned concerns over theft and information protection. But their is a third thing to bare in mind related to a phones value – physical protection. Some may not want to ruin the look of their phone by putting a case on it, but those who value their phone’s structural integrity over aesthetics, it pays to protect it. Seek out cases designed to protect your phones from dropping damage, as this is the most likely way it will get broken in a “night out” environment. For those who REALLY want to protect their phone, there are cases available designed for use by the military!

Keep it “locked away”

If you’re in a busy club, people are likely to be bumping into you constantly. Pick pockets thrive in this kind of environment, where you pay less attention to everything your body comes into contact with. Your best bet is to put your phone on an inside or buttoned down pocket. The more obstacles you put infront of a potential pick pocket, the less likely he is to try and steal something.

Utilise Your Apps

Your phone is likely already bursting with apps, be they games, planners or productivity tools. But there are some you should put in place specifically to deal with “worst case scenarios”.

Password Protection apps, such as 1Password, store all of your passwords in one place, so you don’t have to have them lying around on unprotected apps. Sounds daunting, but the security protocols in place mean that, should your password be strong enough, any would be hacker would struggle to get to them. These apps also offer the option to remotely terminate any information stored on your phone.
Tracking apps are essential. Though they may feel slightly intrusive, they will be your most useful tool in keeping track of your phone should it get stolen.

And before setting off, be sure to back your apps up. This way, if your phone is taken, you can contact your manufacturer, and if it’s a smart phone, there is a good chance they can be remotely wiped. Then if the phone is returned to you, you can restore everything from your backup save!

Alongside these tips, it does also pay to take out an insurance plan. It may feel like wasted money if the phone stays perfectly fine throughout it’s time with you, but should it get smashed, lost or stolen, you’ll be glad you got it!