Improve Performance On iPhone 4s

How To Improve Performance On iPhone 4s

Apple has kept on introducing their latest OS version each year and every update is coming with many more improved features to solve many bugs of the predecessor. But it is not possible for the users to have a new set each year just to enjoy the latest OS as every set of Apple is very expensive. So every iPhone users keep on updating their phone with the latest firmware as soon as the latest version is released. But most of the times the update version is mainly aimed at the newer devices and this is the reason the users of older devices face some issues when the phone is updated with the latest firmware.

If you are a user of iPhone 4S running on iOS 7 or iOS 8 and facing this performance issue after updating the iPhone with iOS 8, then follow the below steps to improve performance on iPhone 4s.

Ways to improve performance on iPhone 4s

Lessen animation and pretty effects

The animation effects and other pretty effects are really enjoyable that brings a change in the look but these are the main culprits that slowdown the performance on iPhone 4S. Parallax effect is a new feature in iOS 7 and 8 that creates a 3D look in the home screen but it has negative effect on the processor. So if you are facing high performance issue in your iPhone, it would be better to turn off this option. To turn off this option head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce motion and a new screen will be coming. You will notice an oval with a toggle switch where a circle will be there in the left side of the oval. You need to tap on that circle and motion will be reduced with turning off the parallax effect.

Reduce transparency

Reducing transparency is another way to improve performance on iPhone 4S. This is nothing but removes the glass look that is created when the control center pop ups or when the iOS keyboard is appeared. To do this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast > Reduce Transparency and turn this option ON.

Reset all settings

Sometimes iPhone goes little wild when it is updated with a new version. But you can bring it back to the normal condition just by resetting all the settings. For this, head to settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings. This process will not delete any data from the iPhone but the settings are needed to be reset. This step sometimes is proved very helpful to improve performance on iPhone 4S.

Factory reset

If all the processes are failed then you need to perform factory reset as it is the ultimate solution to everything. But do not forget to take a back up of all the important documents as this process will delete everything from the iPhone and you will have to start it from the scratch. But definitely you will get rid of the issue by performing any of the above steps.