Wi-Fi Problems on Galaxy S6

How to Fix Wi-Fi Problems on Galaxy S6

Samsung has recently launched two new handsets in its range of flagship Galaxy smartphones. These are the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. These are considered to be two of the most advanced handsets out in the market. But once the people have started using these phones for some time there are certain bugs that have been noticed. One of the problems that people face is associated with the Wi-Fi of the phone.

Actually there are two Wi-Fi Problems that people are facing with their Galaxy S6 smartphones. One is that it is sometimes unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks and if it does the connection drops. And the other is slow Wi-Fi connection. In this post we are going to deal with slow wifi connection problem among the two Galaxy S6 Wifi issues.

There can be a number of solutions for this Wi-Fi problem of slow connection. So let’s first see how to fix the slow Wi-Fi connection on galaxy s6.

  1. Forget Wi-Fi network

The first thing that you should try is to just forget the Wi-Fi network by going to the Wi-Fi options in settings and then selecting the Wi-Fi connection you are facing problems with and then tapping on forget network. Once done just reconnect the device after entering the Wi-Fi password.

  1. Reset the Wi-Fi network

Another method is to just perform a reset for your Wi-Fi router. This can be easily done by pressing a small reset button on the modem.

  1. Switch over to static IP connection from DHCP connection

Well if you go with this method then you would have to manually do all the settings and then try connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

  1. Change DNS address

Sometimes there can be some problem with DNS servers. So instead of using the default DNS just use the google DNS. Just enter in the place of DNS in the Wi-Fi settings of your phone.

  1. Wipe Cache

This method involves wiping the cache partition. To do so, just turn off the Samsung galaxy device first. When the device is in power off mode, press and hold the power, volume up and the home buttons at the same time. When you keep them pressed for a few seconds then the phone will vibrate and it will get turned on into recovery mode.

When the device is in the recovery mode then just look for the Wipe Cache Partition option and select it. Once you confirm your selection then the process will start and would complete in some time. Just restart the device after it’s done by selecting reboot system now from the recovery menu.

  1. Factory reset

If none of these above steps works then the last chance to fix the Wi-Fi Problems on Galaxy S6 is to perform a factory reset. This deletes all data so it’s better to take a backup and then go ahead with factory reset.

So these were the possible fixes for the Wi-Fi Problems on Galaxy S6.