How to fix the Phone from automatic restarting? | LG G3

How to fix the Phone from automatic restarting? | LG G3

The new LG G3 is an amazing phone packed with new features, but it still may have little operational malfunctions. If you have the LG G3, you may face sudden automatic restarting of smart device. This can get really annoying. The creators confirm that the issue cannot be corrected with software updates as it’s not a firmware failure. But by following this guide and our tips, you can get rid of LG G3 restarting issue.

You will need below additional tools to fix the issue:

  • A USB cable
  • Adaptor
  • CPU Monitor

So let’s begin with our remedies once you are ready:

  • Solution 1 – Monitor your applications

The device may automatically shut down to avoid overheating. When some applications make the processor work harder, it gets hotter and a serious threat to the phone may arise. The phone shuts down automatically when it reaches a certain temperature to cool down. To fix this problem, manage your app usage by downloading “CPU Monitor”. This app will oversee the usage, detect and remove any application that may cause problems.

  • Solution 2 – Be careful while rooting

Some people root their phones and install custom ROMs to increase phone performance and reduce battery usage. Some people over clock it, some under clock it to increase battery performance. Under clocking may break your phone and cause it to restart to prevent further damage. So do not under clock your phone beyond the specified limit.

  • Solution 3 – cleaner battery is better battery

Clean your battery terminals from time to time as dust particles may interfere with power supply and cause a restart.


If any of the above solutions do not resolve the issue of LG G3 automatic restarting, it may have hardware problems and needs to be taken to a service center for repairing.