slow charging problem on LG G3

How to fix slow charging problem on LG G3?

LG G3 is a Smartphone loved by millions of people worldwide. Slow charging problem on LG G3 often hinders several people from enjoying the special features loaded in the phone. Some even start complaining the battery drainage is high within a week of getting the phone. Known for high quality audio and video, LG G3 is mostly preferred by game lovers who want a big screen with great resolution. Being an android phone, certain games might cause hardware compatibility issues as there are millions available for free download. We cannot entirely blame the phone for the charging issue when it is quite new. Here are a few other common reasons for quick battery drainage and slow charging up issues in LG G3.

  • High multitasking will make the phone lose its battery quickly. When plugged back the phone will take some time to get charged initially. Using the phone for one week will give an approximate timing taken for charging. It takes some time to settle. Customers often feel slow charging problem on LG G3 is its greatest drawback.
  • Some people try changing the charger that comes along with LG G3 for better ones. This has proven to give better results. The phone charges twice as fast as earlier. But, figuring out which charger suits the phone best is a tricky part. Different types of chargers work fine in various parts of the world. The one accompanying LG G3 is almost suitable to every electrical watts setup though it is slightly slow.
  • Certain apps that consume high power active while charging might slow down the process. Turn off the GPS and Google maps when you are charging the phone. Turn off any temperature or weather apps too.
  • Slow charging problem on LG G3 can be a problem in the USB cord. If you see it does not fit properly to the phone, try changing it for a better one. Such problems usually occur after using the phone for a year or so.
  • Similarly turn on High temperature property and Thermal Daemon Mitigation. Keeping these features switched on while charging has no logical reason to speed up the process. But, LG G3 users have agreed it helps in solving the issues though the reason is still under research. Remember to switch off and switch on the phone back after turning on these features.

Updating to Lollipop android OS seems to solve the issue for most users. The most recommended fixes are changing the charger and checking the USB cable. In addition to slow charging problem on LG G3, quick battery drainage issue is also faced by many customers. LG Company keeps releasing new fixes and software updates regularly to fix the issue. If you have tried everything and it still doesn’t seem to work, the company will replace the phone, provided it fails their charging tests too. The customer care takes pains to check what sort of charger you use, whether you plug it into the computer or the wall socket and so on before they give a productive fix for you.