LG G4 Unresponsive Touch Screen

How To Fix LG G4 Unresponsive Touch Screen

LG has recently launched their 2015 flagship LG G4 and already many LG lovers have bought this new set. This is an improvised set and got huge appreciation than what LG G3 earned. But nothing can be free from fault and LG G4 too maintained the same thing. Most of the users have complained about the LG G4 unresponsive touch screen. When some have said that the touch screen taps are delayed or not registering at all, others have said that it seems that the touch sensitivity is made off in their set. But LG has told that they are actively investigating this issue and will soon come with the solutions. In the mean time you can try out the below mentioned processes to fix LG G4 unresponsive touch screen.

Ways to fix LG G4 unresponsive touch screen

> Buzz Jenson is the marketing head of LG. He has tweeted that there is an issue with the LG keyboard and the LG G4 users can update it by going to Settings > General > about phone > Update center > App update. Those who are facing the issue only with the keyboard will get rid of the issue by performing this step but in case you are facing this LG G4 unresponsive touch screen issue for other apps as well, then you need to follow some other steps.

Keyboard related issues can also be solved by installing the Swift key or Google keyboard.

> Sometimes if there is a case or screen protector in your phone, it may create this issue. So if you are having a screen protector or else a case, remove them and check if the touch screen is working or not. If the problem is solved here itself, it’s great but if you face the same problem even after removing the case, follow the other mentioned method.

> Many LG G4 users have tried many options to solve this touch screen issue in their phone and some of the steps have been proved to be successful. Some users have said that they have toggled the ‘Force GPU Rendering’ option in the developer option after which the unresponsive touch screen have started working properly. So you can also try this step to fix the touch screen. First unlock the Developer option by going to Settings > General > about phone > Software info and pressing the ‘Build number’ tap repeatedly until you notice the messages that ‘You are now a Developer’.

Now go back to the settings menu and go to General. You will find out the Developer option. Press on that and you will notice that ‘Force GPU Rendering’ option is there. Just toggle the switch and then check if the LG G4 unresponsive touch screen problem is solved or not.

This is really good if the problem is solved by following any of the above steps, but in case the problem is still there, just wait for few days as LG will soon come out with the solutions to this problem.