IPod Error 1428

How to Fix IPod Error 1428

Many times it happens that you would like to restore or update your iPod but it would show some or the other error. One such error can be the error 1428. If you see this error then you would not be able to update or restore your iPod and this can be really irritating at times. So what can a person do in that scenario? The first thing that a person would have to do is to fix this iPod Error 1428. This error can be easily fixed with the help of certain simple solutions. So in this article we are sharing with you some of the methods to fix this iPod Error 1428.

Restart the iPod

The first thing that you should try to fix this iPod Error 1428 is to restart your iPod and check if the error gets fixed with that or not. Just press and hold the power button and when the slider appears just use it to switch off your iPod. After that press and hold the same button to turn it on again after a couple of minutes. Once it is on again try to update or restore it and see if it is working now.

Restart PC

If restarting the iPod has not worked for you then maybe restarting your computer will. This is another simple solution that you can try and see if that is able to fix iPod Error 1428. So just restart your computer and try again with updating or restoring your iPod. It might happen that you will not see that error again.

Remove USB devices

Sometimes the other USB devices connected to the computer might also be the reason for this problem. So just unplug all the other devices connected to your computer via the USB except for the keyboard and mouse because they would be required to operate the PC. Majority of the people facing this error have reported that this was actually able to solve this iPod Error 1428. So give it a try once and maybe it will work for you as well.

Update iTunes Software

If you are using an old version of the iTunes software then updating it to the latest version is extremely important as this is one of the potential solutions for the iPod error 1428. To update it just open the iTunes software on your PC. In the Help menu bar click on the check for updates option. If there are updates available then just select to update the software. See if you are still seeing that iPod error 1428 or it’s been fixed.

Disable Security software

It might happen that a security software being used by you such as an anti-virus etc. might be the reason for this error. So first update that software if there are any updates available for that. If that doesn’t work then try and see if disabling the software works for you.
If it still is showing that error 1428 then just check after completely removing the software if that can solve the problem or not.

If none of the solutions have worked for you then you should take your iPod to the Apple store to get it fixed by them.