iPhone 6 Won’t Charge

How To Fix iPhone 6 Won’t Charge

So you have got yourself an iPhone 6 and everything was going great until one day when you just plugged your iPhone 6 for charging and it just won’t charge. These small issues can really irritate a person and can spoil the whole experience of using a phone like the iPhone 6. Now first of all when the phone isn’t charging then there could be four reasons for that. The first and the most common one is some minor software issue causing the phone to not getting charged. The other three reasons can be some issue with any one or more of the involved components in charging your iPhone 6 i.e. the wall adapter, USB cable or the charging point.

One thing that you should note is that it’s not just you who is facing this iPhone 6 won’t charge problem. It is one of the most common iPhone problems. Now the most common reason always is some minor software issue causing the phone to not getting charged properly. So it’s better to first try some minor software fixes that might be able to solve the problem of iPhone 6 won’t charge.

Restart your phone

You should restart your phone once and see if that can solve your problem. To restart press and hold the sleep/wake button. Once it turns off just turn it on again after a couple of minutes using the same procedure.

Try off and try charging

You can also check to see if your iPhone 6 is able to charge when it’s turned off. So just turn your iPhone 6 off and connect it to a wall charger and see for 5-10 minutes if it starts charging.

Update iOS

This might not be directly related to the iPhone 6 won’t charge problem but might just turn out to be the solution to it. So please update your iPhone to see if it starts behaving normal again. To do so just connect your iPhone 6 via USB cable and use iTunes to update.

Now if these steps do not solve the issue then you should try for the following fixes that might be able to solve this problem of iPhone 6 won’t charge.

Clean charging port

Try to remove any dirt from the charging point and check if that works. You should use a small needle or an old clean toothbrush to clean the charging port. Do this very gently to not cause any harm.

Try charging over USB through PC

You should also try to check if the iPhone 6 gets charged when charging through the PC. This is because it might be that the wall adapter is the culprit and is not working properly. So if the iPhone 6 gets charged through PC then you know that you need to change your phone charger.

Also it might be that the power source was faulty so try plugging your wall adapter into a different socket before you go out buying a new one.

Change the USB cable

It might also be the case that your USB cable is not working properly. So try using some other USB cable to check if that works.

If none of these helps then the last possible cause might be the charging point has become faulty. So just take your phone to the official iPhone store to get it repaired.