iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Issues

How To Fix iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Issues

The iPhone 6 have been reported to be having many bugs since it has launched. As the users are using the phone they are coming up with more and more new bugs and flaws that this tech piece has. One of the most irritating and crippling problem for the user is iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Issues. In this problem the user is not able to connect to any network over the Wi-Fi or the phone keeps getting disconnected every now and then.

So in the following post we are giving the iPhone 6 users a few methods that can be used to fix the iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Issues.

Steps to fix iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Issues

Turn off Wi-Fi networking

The first solution that the user can try is to turn off Wi-Fi networking. For doing this go to Settings, Privacy and then Location services. There turn off the Wi-Fi networking and restart your phone. Now your Wi-Fi might start working fine again. If not then go ahead with trying more solutions.

Reset network settings

The next method that can be tried to fix the iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Issues is to reset the network settings. For doing so just go to Settings, General and then tap on Reset. In the menu select the Reset Network Settings and then restart the phone. The process might take several minutes so stay relaxed if it is taking a lot of time. When the phone restarts you will have to connect to your Wi-Fi by entering the password again and it might happen that the phone starts working normal again.

Update the device

One more thing that can potentially fix the Wi-Fi problems is to update your iPhone 6 to the latest iOS software out there. This has helped many users fix their Wi-Fi problems. So you can also try that. For doing so you should connect your phone through USB to the PC and then update the phone through iTunes.

Custom DNS

Sometimes the problem lies with the ISPs DNS servers. So the fix that you can try here is to connect to the Google DNS. To do so, go to the Wi-Fi connections. Here just tap on the ‘i’ button on the right. In the menu that appears just go to DNS and type the Google DNS address i.e.

Now go back and see if that has worked.

Factory reset

If nothing works then the last thing that you can try is to do a factory reset of the phone. The factory reset of the iPhone 6 can be performed by going to Settings, general and then Reset. In Reset select erase all content and settings. When promoted just confirm your selection and the phone will go back to the state when you first purchased it. Remember that all data would be deleted after the process so create a backup if you have important files in the phone.

One of these methods is sure to help you fix your iPhone 6 Wi-Fi Issues. If it doesn’t, then take your phone to the authorized apple store for checking.