iPhone 6 Battery Drains

How To Fix iPhone 6 Battery Drains Quickly

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus are undoubtedly great devices to own. They have brilliant designs and great hardware specs. The phones are also super slim and have a great display as well. Overall this makes the iPhone 6 a complete phone and is truly a remarkable piece to own and use. But recently many users all around the world have complained about the iPhone 6 battery drains issue. It can be really irritating when the battery of iPhone 6 drains quickly and you have to plug it for charging again and again.

So in this post we are giving you some small tricks and solutions for helping you fix the iPhone 6 battery drains issue and also to make your battery last longer.

Ways to fix iPhone 6 battery drains issue

Reboot the phone

The first thing that you need to do when you are facing this battery drain issue is to reboot your phone. Just press and hold the Power and Home buttons of your iPhone 6 and hold them until you see the Apple logo. Let the phone start again and then see if that helps you with your iPhone 6 battery drains issue.

Turn off Location services

The locations services in your phone use the GPS and GPS requires a lot of power. So if you have turned on the location services then it might be a major consumer of the power in your phone. So just turn it off by going into Settings, Privacy and then Location Services. Also if you have any other app that tracks your location then just turn off that as well.

Turn off automatic updates

If you have turned on Automatic Updates then you should turn it off. This also eats up a lot of battery and thus it is better to turn it off by going into Settings, iTunes and App store and then in Automatic Downloads go to updates and turn it off.

Turn off background apps

There can be a lot of unnecessary apps that you don’t need which keep running in the background and keep consuming the power of your iPhone 6. It is really important to turn off these apps to increase the battery life of the phone. You should go to iPhone Settings and then in General just turn off the Background App Refresh.

Adjust the level of brightness

One more component that can take up a lot of battery of your phone is the screen. There might be cases when you are not doing anything in the phone but the screen is still turned on. This keeps taking up a lot of battery. And also the brighter you have kept the screen the more power it will be needing. So change the level of brightness to a suitably low level. This will make the battery last longer. Also you can set up a low Auto Lock time which can be 1 or 2 minutes.

Turn off the other unnecessary features when you are not using them which can take up a lot of battery of your phone and cause the iPhone 6 battery drains issue. These can be Bluetooth, WI-Fi, etc.

If nothing of these is able to help you then the last option is to do a factory reset of your iPhone 6. For this go to General, Reset and then select erase all. This will take your phone back to the state when you first bought it and would delete everything. So take a backup of data and then go ahead with the process.

So these were the possible solutions and fixes for the iPhone 6 battery drains issue. We hope that this has helped you.