iPhone 5 Random Reboots Problem

How To Fix iPhone 5 Random Reboots Problem

So you’ve got yourself a new iPhone 5. You’ve been using this phone without any problem for quite some time now and were very happy with how the phone has turned out to be. But suddenly on one fine day the issue happened and your iPhone 5 started having random reboots. This iPhone 5 random reboots problem can get really irritating as it doesn’t let the user use the phone uninterruptedly. So now you are wondering what can be done of this issue as you don’t have any warranty left on your phone. Of course if you had you would have just gone to the Apple store and got it fixed. In the following guide we are giving some ways that can possibly fix up this iPhone 5 random reboots problem. So here are the ways to fix this issue.

Turn off data

Just turn off the cellular data on your phone and turn it on again after 2-3 minutes. Well this has worked for many users and have helped them get rid of this annoying iPhone 5 random reboots problem. So you can also give it a try as possibly this can work for you as well. And anyway if this doesn’t work we have a number of other solutions lined up.

Restart your iPhone

If the above fix doesn’t work then you can try giving the phone a restart. Just turn off the phone and turn on the again after a couple of minutes. Now if the problem still persists then you can try the next methods.

Reset the phone

One possible solution is to reset the settings of your phone. To do this, just go to the Settings then General. Here your will see the option of reset, just tap on it and then select the option, reset all settings.

It’s going to reset the phone’s settings but won’t delete any files. But it would delete all the Wi-Fi profiles.

Faulty apps

Well the Apple store is certainly a place where the apps can be trusted but still there might be some apps that start behaving abnormally and might be causing this issue. So if your phone started giving the problem just after the installation of some app then there is a good possibility that the culprit for the problem is this app. So just try uninstalling that app and give the phone a reboot. Now check if that was able to solve the problem.


If none of the fixes was able to solve this iPhone 5 random reboots problem then you should just wait for the next update from Apple and see if that contains the fix for this problem.


The last possible way to fix this issue is to restore your phone. You can either perform a factory reset or can restore the phone to an earlier date when it was working fine from an older backup. For doing this, boot the phone in recovery mode by holding down the power and home buttons simultaneously till you see the screen change. Now connect the phone to your computer using a USB and use iTunes to restore.

We hope that the above guide was able to solve your iPhone 5 random reboots problem. If it hasn’t then you can take your phone to Apple Store.