iPhone 5 Purple Flare Issue

How To Fix iPhone 5 Purple Flare Issue

If you have thought that the Apple iPhone 5 contains only some minor issues in its software and the hardware of the phone is perfect and is free from all sorts of issues then you were wrong. After the launch of the iPhone 5 there were several issues related to the phone such as the maps issue, Wi-Fi issues, iMessage issues, etc. But all these were primarily software bugs that could be handled by some workaround or had some minor fixes. So you thought that your device was almost perfect and has no hardware issues at least. But recently some users have raised complaints about a new issue which is definitely not a software issue.

It seems that there has been some problem with the lens of the iPhone 5 and whenever people are taking pictures with some big light source, around the photos coming have a sort of purple flare at the edge. This is called the iPhone 5 purple flare issue. Now this issue has been recognised by Apple as well and they have also addressed the users regarding what exactly is the issue and how they can fix it.

What exactly is the iPhone 5 purple flare issue?

So if you are still not aware of this iPhone 5 purple flare issue then we’ll explain that to you. Well what happens is whenever you take a picture from your iPhone 5 at a place which has some big light source around then there is visible some purplish flare or haze around the corner of the photos. Now this flare is visible at the side where the light source is situated. For example if the light source is situated just above the scene and your camera lens has some light coming into it from that source then the chances are that your image would also contain some purple flare visible at the side of that light source. This is a serious problem as it completely spoils the whole iPhone 5 photography experiences.

What is happening in this situation is whenever you are taking photographs with some out of scene light source then there would be a purplish flare in the image. Here the light source is positioned just at an angle which is just outside the field of view of the lens so it is causing a reflection off the surfaces from inside the camera module to the camera sensor.

The solution

Now there is no such permanent solution of this problem and Apple has just come up with a simple so called fix to this iPhone 5 purple flare issue. According to Apple the only possible solution in this scenario is to just change the position of the camera a bit so that it avoids the light coming into the lens. This will avoid this purple flare in your images. Or alternatively what you can do is just put your hand above in a manner which just shields the lens from the bright light source and prohibits the light from entering the lens of the camera.