iPhone 5 Light leakage Issue

How To Fix iPhone 5 Light leakage Issue

Ever since the iPhone 5 has come to the market there have been complaints about some or the other minor issues related to the phone. Well one such issue which people have reported is the iPhone 5 Light leakage issue. There is some light leakage at the top part of the phone which kind of makes the power button look illuminated.

Now what should be done when you are facing this iPhone 5 Light leakage issue? The good news for you is that Apple has recognized this problem. This means if you are having this problem then the best solution to just grab your phone and go to any Apple store and they would give you a new phone.

But if you aren’t able to do that because of some or the other reason then we are suggesting a way that can help you fix this iPhone 5 Light leakage issue. This is a do it yourself method and requires some hardware skills. So if you have no experience of how to open a phone and how to handle the stuffs inside then just go forward with your own risk. So let’s get started with the guide.

  • The first thing that you would have to do is to open the two screws that are present on the either side of the iPhone 5’s charging port. You would need a pentalobe screwdriver for this.
  • Once the screws are opened then you would have to remove the screen of the phone. If your screen is cracked or something then you would have to take some extra care and if it’s too much cracked then don’t even risk going forward with this guide. For this you would need to have that suction cup tool. So apply that on the screen and pull it up. Remember you should pull out the bottom part first.
  • Now beneath this you would see three cables that started from the top right corner of the screen and running to the main board. These would be numbered 1, 2 and 3. Just remove these cables in the same order. After this the entire unit is separated from the phone.
  • Now you would see that there is already some sort of covering applied on the metal casing. When this covering gets misaligned then it causes this light leakage problem. So you should apply some more electrical tape there and the problem would be solved. And remember that you should apply the tape only on the metal surface. It should not cover the black rubber gasket.
  • After you are done fixing the iPhone 5 Light leakage issue just reassemble the phone and you’re done.


Note: For removing the screen it is advisable to first watch some videos of how to remove the screen so that you get a feel of how difficult or easy the process is for you. If you find yourself comfortable doing this procedure then just go ahead and fix this iPhone 5 Light leakage issue.