iPhone 5 iMessage Issue

How To Fix iPhone 5 iMessage Issue

Apple has sold iPhone 5s like hot cakes ever since the launch of the phone. This is still quite popular even after the launch of the new iPhone 6. This is because the phone is really great to use and the users love their device and have really great words to say for the device. But in spite of that there are some minor issues that can spoil a nice experience. One of those is the iPhone 5 iMessage issue.

iMessage is an app that lets the Apple users to send free messages to other Apple product users. These products can be any of iPad, iPhone, iPod or a mac. Well this is certainly a useful feature to have and having problems with this can certainly spoil your mood. So what should a person do when he faces the iPhone 5 iMessage issue? Well here are a few suggestions to fix this particular issue.

Turn off and on the iMessage application

The first thing that you should try before trying some other fix for the iPhone 5 iMessage issue is to just turn it off and then turn it on after a reboot of the phone. Now check to see if this has been able to solve the issue or not.

For doing this just go to Settings and then go to Messages. In the menu you will be able to see iMessage. You would have to turn this off. After you turn it off, just turn off the phone as well. Wait a few minutes. Turn on the phone and then turn on the iMessages app in the similar way that you have turned it off.

After this you can check if the following method was able to solve the issue or not.

Sign out and then sign in

Another thing that can possibly solve the issue is that you can just sign out from the Apple id in the iMessaging app and then can sign in again after a few minutes. For doing this you would have to go to the same menu as above. Just go to the Messages menu in the Settings option. There you would have to click on the Send and Receive option. There you would be able to see your Apple id which you have to sign out and then sign in again. After this, check if the iPhone 5 iMessage issue has been solved now or not.

Update the iPhone

You should be always running the latest iOS software. This is very important for problem free working of the phone. So just do that by going to Settings, General and then Software update. If there is some update available then update your iPhone 5 by using iTunes on your computer.

Reset network Settings

If nothing above has worked then just reset the network settings. You can do this by going to Settings and then General. There you would have to select Reset and then ‘Reset Network Settings’. When prompted just confirm the selection.

We hope that the post has been able to solve your problem.