iPhone 5 Cellular Data Issues

How To Fix iPhone 5 Cellular Data Issues

Apple has sold millions of iPhone 5 all around the world. In spite of the high price tag the phone has been sold like hot cakes. They sold around 5 million handsets in just the initial three days of its release. So it is visible how much the people trust this brand. So the brand also has to take great care that the products that it is sending into the market are not rushed and are free from all sorts of bugs.

Even though Apple always takes care to make their devices as perfect as they could there can still be some small flaws and issues which go neglected because they come up late with the use of the device. So that’s why the company keeps sending updates and fixes from time to time. But between these updates there remain some issues that keep annoying the users and spoil their usage experience. One such issue that has been troubling many of the iPhone 5 users all around the world are the iPhone 5 Cellular Data Issues. In the iPhone 5 Cellular Data Issues the users are facing many problems such as no connection to internet, slow connections and some other random data issues. In the following post we are going to take care of these iPhone 5 Cellular Data Issues and would suggest some fixes to help the troubled users. So here are the fixes that the users can try –

Toggle Cellular data on and off

This is a fix that has worked for many of the users and have given them relief from this irritating situation of iPhone 5 Cellular Data Issues. So there is a good chance that this simple fix might work for you as well. So what you need to do is to turn the cellular data on your phone off. And after a couple of minutes turn it on again. Now check if the solution has fixed your problem.

Toggle on and off airplane mode

If the above fix has not worked for you then there is another simple solution that might help you get rid of this annoying iPhone 5 Cellular Data Issue. This is to just turn on the airplane mode once. Now wait for a minute or so and then turn it off again. Now there is good chance that your issue might be solved.

Reset Phone settings

If the above two methods have not worked then resetting the phone settings might work for you. So just go to settings -> General -> Reset. Now once in the menu just tap on the option which says Reset All Settings. Now reboot the phone and see if that solves the iPhone 5 Cellular Data Issue.

Factory reset

If nothing of the above steps has worked then the last option that you can try is to factory reset your phone. This will delete all the data and so you should make a backup of your important files. You can do a factory reset by connecting the phone in recovery mode to the PC using a USB cable.

If none of the above methods works then consider taking your phone to the Apple store.