iPhone 5 Bluetooth Problem

How To Fix iPhone 5 Bluetooth Problem

The iPhone 5 is a device that has been one of the most popular iPhones from Apple. It was a sure shot favourite when it was launched some time back. The phone is really great in looks and also has a powerful hardware that can take care of all the processing needs of any type of user. But even though the device is great and gives the owner an awesome experience it is not completely free from minor bugs. One such issue that pretty much spoils the user experience is the iPhone 5 Bluetooth problem.

In this post we are going to give some quick and easy fixes that can be tried to fix this iPhone 5 Bluetooth problem.

Forget device

The easiest and the most common fix for the iPhone 5 Bluetooth issue is to forget the devices that you are having problems connecting to. It happens many times that the Bluetooth profiles for the paired devices get corrupt and when that happens the iPhone 5 starts having problems connecting to that device. So the best solution to this is to delete the existing profiles and then create fresh connections. To delete devices, go to Settings and then Bluetooth. After this open the menu for the device that you are facing issues connecting to and then forget that device. Confirm the action when prompted and reconnect by creating a new connection to that device. In this way you would be able to connect to that device.

iPhone 5 Bluetooth Problem

Reset Network Settings

Another potential solution to the iPhone 5 Bluetooth problem could be to forget the Network Settings and then connecting to the Bluetooth device to see if it connects now. The process is a bit time consuming but would be able to solve the issue. Just backup your device using iTunes before going forward with this procedure. You are going to lose all your network related data such as saved Wi-Fi profiles. To reset the device go to Settings > General and then open Reset. In that tap on Reset all Settings. Just wait for that process and you’re done.

Update the device

One thing that might be able to solve the Bluetooth problems is to update the device to the latest iOS. So just check to see your device is running the latest iOS version or not. This can be done through iTunes by connecting the iPhone 5 with the PC using a USB cable.

Bluetooth using control centre

Another really simple and potential fix for the iPhone 5 Bluetooth problem is to just turn off the Bluetooth of the device and then turning it back on again using the control centre. For turning on press the Home and Power button until you see the Apple logo. Once you see the options just turn on the Bluetooth again. This might be able to fix the issue.

Turn off Bluetooth and then on again

One more thing that you can try is to turn off the Bluetooth of the device. Then turn off the iPhone 5 and turn it on again after a couple of minutes. Now turn on the Bluetooth. This might be able to solve the issue.

Factory Reset

The last option in every condition is to perform a factory reset of the device. This will delete everything so take a backup using iTunes and then restore then device to factory state.

If none of the fixes work then just take the device to authorized Apple store to get professional help.