iPhone 5 Battery Life Problems

How To Fix iPhone 5 Battery Life Problems

Even though the iPhone 5 is one of the most popular iPhones from Apple ever and is undoubtedly a great device to have it has a few minor issues that can completely spoil the whole iPhone 5 experience by their frequent occurrence. One such issue is the iPhone 5 battery life problems. Well this problem can be very irritating as this would just drain off the battery and would require the user to charge the iPhone 5 again and again.

But no need to worry as you have come just at the right place to get this iPhone 5 battery life problem fixed. The following post contains a number of minor tips and tricks that are going to take care of the iPhone 5 battery life issue.

Steps to fix iPhone 5 battery life problem

Reboot device

The first thing that one should do when facing any problem is to try to check if rebooting the device helps to solve the problem or not. So just restart the device and see if that was able to solve the iPhone 5 battery life problems.

Turn off automatic updates

One thing that takes up a lot of your iPhone 5 battery is the automatic updates. So you should just keep it turned off and you can update your device apps manually. For doing this, go to Settings and then in iTunes and App store turn off the Automatic Updates.

Turn off background apps and processes

Well there can be a number of applications and processes that keep running in the background in your iPhone 5 that you don’t even need. So just turn them off to save your battery. Turn off the background apps by going to Settings and then in General turn off the Background App Refresh.

Also don’t forget to keep the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of the device turned off when you don’t require them as they can take up a lot of battery.

Turn off location service

The iPhone’s location service is a great feature which uses the GPS in your phone. And the GPS is something that can consume a lot of battery for its operations. So keeping it turned off is a good idea to save your device battery from draining off quickly. You can turn it off by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Brightness level

The screen of your device can consume a lot of power so keeping it unnecessarily on is not a good idea. So what you can do is just set the screen Auto lock time to 1 minute so that the screen gets off when not in use. Also keep the brightness of the device low as higher the brightness the more power it will require.

Factory reset

The last resort if none of the fixes is able to get the problem solved is to do a full factory reset of the device. This will delete everything from the device so take a backup using the iTunes. And then go to Settings > General > Reset. In the menu select delete everything and then confirm when asked.

If none of the fixes work to solve the iPhone 5 battery life problems then just take your device to the Apple store and they would be able to help you out. It might be that your device needs a new battery.