iPhone 4s Random Reboots

How to Fix iPhone 4s Random Reboots?

Having an iPhone is a prestigious issue. Unlike most android phones there aren’t much software hardware compatibility issues. But, certain issues pop up now and then making the iPhone users go mad. One such issue is the frequent rebooting of iPhone 4s. There are various reasons for this. To list a key few

  • The phone might have been dropped down or damaged due to a huge hit or bump
  • The phone might have battery issues. It is quite rare for the phone to get iPhone 4s random reboots issue when it is new. It usually occurs when the phone battery is changed or the screen is changed with other low quality items.
  • Though Apple iTunes analyzes the apps in it very carefully, some apps might trigger this problem.

There are no specific fixes for the issue. The solutions vary based on the reasons of the issue. Oftentimes the viewers are left to try various approaches before getting a definite fix. Several forums often advise the customers to get the phone replaced if it is within the warranty period when the iPhone 4s random reboots problem occurs. But, the problem never occurs that quickly in new iPhone 4s.

One common reason said to trigger the problem is iOS update 6. If that is the problem, try restoring to the phone to the default settings. This might be tried if the problem starts occurring after installing certain apps too. But, make sure to take a backup of the phone before trying it. Else all the data stored in the phone will be lost. Sometimes the contacts will be lost even if the backup is taken. So take proper precautions before resetting the phone.

  • Changing the battery of the phone by purchasing a battery kit from Apple will help. iPhone 4s random reboots problem will solve after changing the battery if over usage of battery was the main problem.
  • The bookmarks in the Safari will merge with the iPhone 4s causing various issues. Age old bookmarks will suddenly start synching causing severe overload for the phone. Turn off WiFi -> join networks, Location services – iads, notifications and auto downloads. This will prevent the issue to a certain extent.
  • Go to Settings > general > about > diagnostic and usage > diagnostic and usage data > and search for .panic.plist file. If that file is found try the following steps.
  • Try to restore to an older backup and try registering the phone as a new one. If you are a geek try detaching all the connections from the motherboard without removing it and reattach it. If both don’t work try sending the phone back to the apple store.
  • Also try to switch off settings > Cellular/Mobile > Turn On/Off Mobile Data.

The last option fixes the problem for most of the time because it prevents the bookmarks from getting downloaded. It creates a break in the bookmarks synching preventing the process. These steps should solve the iPhone 4s random reboots problem in most cases. If not the only solution is to get the phone to the Apple service center.