iPhone 4s landscape issues

How to Fix iPhone 4s Landscape Issues?

Apple iPhone 4s had sold millions of pieces worldwide. Though the technology belongs to one of the greatest company in the world, the phones are actually manufactured in various places all over the world. Apple iPhone 4s landscape issues occur in some phones. Users will be unable to view their pictures and the videos in the landscape mode.

  • Some face issues while texting as the phone refrains to change mode automatically.
  • People complain the phone does not change to landscape mode normally when they tilt the phone. In some cases the problem makes the phone freeze for a minute or so.
  • Some customer face this problem only while viewing the pictures or taking video.

Most Apple iPhone 4s landscape issues get fixed easily if the phone is powered off and turned on. Some customers face more serious issues. The phone does not change to landscape mode however hard they try. Here are a few fixes to solve the issue.

  • First check whether the screen lock is activated in the phone. Try swiping from the bottom edge of the iPhone screen. It will open the Control Center. Unlock the orientation by tapping on the screen lock icon.
  • Sometimes, iPhone 4s landscape issues will occur when you try to swipe up. In such cases, hold down the Home and the Sleep/Wake button together for 10 seconds. Apple logo will appear. Then swipe up.
  • The portrait orientation lock might be turned off by double tapping on the home button and swiping the list appearing down to the right. Tap the orientation button.
  • White means it is on. Black means it is off. Changing this will enable the iPhone to rotate easily and switch to portrait and landscape modes without any problem easily.
  • If the problem persists only while reading the documents, the Safari and Adobe Reader file security settings might be the issue. Changing the settings inside Safari–> Settings–> Internet Plugins –> and checking the Adobe Acrobat Reader settings will help.
  • Saving the file in another destination by right clicking on it will allow you to read the document in any orientation. By doing this you skip Safari and Adobe Plugins to view the documents.
  • If this does not work, try to reset the phone once to solve the iPhone 4s landscape issues.
  • As a last means restore the phone to default factory settings. But, beware this might make you lose the data saved in the phone. This is a simple issue. It will not require complex steps.

IPhone 4s comes packed up with several features. It is by far the most famous phone ever in the market. iPhone users seldom switch to other brands. They often stick to it owing to its highly packed features and enormous ease of usage. But sometimes such bugs pop up which highly hinder the performance of the phone. Most users get irked such times. Apple frequently releases constant updates to solve the issue within the shortest time possible no matter it is a major problem or a minor one like iPhone 4s landscape issues.