iPhone 4s Bluetooth Problems

How To Fix iPhone 4s Bluetooth Problems

Poor or no Bluetooth connectivity is one of the most common issues in iPhone 4S about which many iPhone 4s users have been noticed to complain. Some have said that they are mainly facing the issue after updating their phone to iOS 8. But there is no need to panic if you have recently bought the phone as iPhone 4S Bluetooth problems can be solved by following some easy steps.

Ways to fix iPhone 4S Bluetooth problems

> The first tip is to restart the iPhone. Turn off the Bluetooth and then press and hold the home and power buttons altogether till the Apple logo is appeared on the screen. Now again turn on the Bluetooth. This is the simple and easiest step that should be tried first. Now check if the problem is solved or not and try for other below mentioned methods.

> If you are facing the issue only for a particular device, then forget the device and reconnect it. Sometimes this Bluetooth connectivity issue is appeared due to the corrupted profiles and to solve it head to settings > Bluetooth and then tap on the ‘Info button’ located next to the device for which you are facing this iPhone 4S Bluetooth problems. Now touch on the ‘Forget this device’ option and your iPhone 4S will forget the device. Reconnect the device to check if the problem is solved.

> Updating the firmware is a great solution to many issues and you should try this to fix iPhone 4S Bluetooth problems also. Check if your phone is running in the latest version or not. Update the iPhone if the latest version is not installed as the newer version can remove many bugs of its predecessor version. Now check your iPhone if the problem is solved or sill it is there.

> If all the above methods are not useful for you, then reset the network settings by following the below step by step process.

  • First, go to the settings app in your iPhone 4s.
  • Next tap on the ‘General’ tab.
  • Press on ‘Reset’ and scroll down to find out the ‘Reset network settings’ option and tap on it.
  • You might be asked to enter the pass code in order to confirm it. Enter the pass code if required.
  • Again press on ‘Reset network settings’ option to confirm the process.

Your iPhone 4S will start to reboot. Wait for the process to be completed and try again to reconnect to see if the problem is fixed.

> If you have tried every possible way but still experiencing the same issue, factory reset will be the last option to solve this Bluetooth issue. Factory reset deletes everything from the device, so take a back up of all the necessary information before performing this step.

  • First connect the phone with a computer with the cable
  • Select your device in iTunes when it appears
  • Now click on the restore option in the summary panel
  • Click on ‘Restore’ again to confirm the process
  • Once the process is completed your phone will be restarted and most of the issues will be solved now.