iPhone 4s Battery Life Problems

How To Fix iPhone 4s Battery Life Problems

Battery life is the most common issue with every Smartphone and many iPhone 4S users have been seen to complain about the same issue. With the release of iOS 8, most of the iPhone users have updated their phone with the latest update after which the battery drainage problem has been increased even more. If you are a user of iPhone 4S and facing the same issue, learn here the ways to fix iPhone 4S battery life problems.

Ways to fix iPhone 4S battery life problems

Restart the phone

If you have not restarted your iPhone 4s since you have installed the latest version iOS 8, it is better to restart the phone once as there are many issues that get solved when the phone is restarted. Just press the power button and wait for the screen to be changed. Now slide to right to turn off the phone. Again turn it on by pressing the power button.

Find out the culprit

Sometimes iPhone 4S battery life problems can be result of some apps or function. You can always find out the culprit by going to Settings > General > usage > battery usage. This option will show you what app has used the more power for last 24 hours and 7 days. If there is such an app that has used unnecessary battery, uninstall it to check if the problem is solved.

Turn off push email

Push email is a new feature in iOS 8 which when is activated shows messages as soon as any mail arrives to you. But this drains out some amount of battery gradually so it is suggested to turn this option off. To turn it off head to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and then choose the setting that you want.

Turn off the 4G LTE

If the battery of your iPhone 4s is at the edge, turning off the 4G LTE will do a great help in that situation. 4G always use more power so it is good to make the option off when you are not using it. To turn off 4G LTE, go to Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE and toggle the switch to turn off.

Switch to Airplane mode

Switching to Airplane mode is a great solution to fix iPhone 4S battery life problems. When the phone is in airplane mode, the Wi-Fi and cellular radios gets off and the phone remain alive for the offline activities only such as taking photos, reading books or playing games. This idea can extend the life of your phone to a great extent.

Reset settings

If the above processes are failed to solve out the battery life problem, reset all settings will help to solve the issue. This process will not delete the data from your phone but only the settings will be deleted. To perform this, navigate to Settings > General > Reset > and then Reset All Settings. Enter the PIN or pass code when asked and your phone will be restarted. Everything will remain same in the phone just you need to reset the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and some other settings in your iPhone 4S.