How To Fix iPhone 4 Signal Issues

How To Fix iPhone 4 Signal Issues

The iPhone 4 has been a great phone from Apple. This is a phone that has really made the iPhones a lot more popular all around the world. The phone has a lot features and also a great combination of hardware to make it a complete piece. But this awesome phone is also not completely free from some minor bugs and issues. The iPhone 4 signal issue is one such problem. The problem causes the phone to drop signal and also sometimes makes the signal get lost completely.

There are many people all around the world who are suffering from iPhone 4 signal issues. So the following article is for those who are suffering from this problem and want to get rid of it. Here we are suggesting some minor fixes that can help solve the iPhone 4 signal issues.

Well first of all you should be aware that the main reason for the iPhone 4 signal issues is the natural electrolytes that are released from the body. So most of the given solutions are work around that would help you solve this issue.

Use external case

As the problem is caused by the natural electrolytes from the body coming in contact with the part where the antenna is located so having an external case would solve this issue. This is the easiest method to solve this issue and would also add to the protection of your iPhone.

Use a tape

Another method involves putting a piece of a scotch tape or a gaffer’s tape at the bottom left corner of the phone. It’s the place where the antenna of the phone is located. So once you put a small piece of tape then the phone will not come in contact with the skin of the hand and thus the problem gets solved.

Use right hand

Some of the users also reported that they were able to fix this issue to a certain extent when they were using their right hand instead of left. So you can also try that and see if it is able to solve the iPhone 4 signal issues​.

Remove and reinsert SIM

One more thing that you can try to fix the signal issues in your iPhone 4 is to remove the SIM from the phone and put it back in after a few minutes. This might be able to solve the issue.

Wash hands before use

Another silly solution which actually works is to just wash your hands before using the phone. Yes this actually works because when you wash your hands you also wash away the natural electrolytes that cause this problem.

Wear latex gloves

You can also try using your phone wearing latex gloves as this will keep the phone away from getting in touch with the skin of your hand and would thus prevent the signal issue in your iPhone 4.

If none of the above methods is convincing enough for you then you can go to the Apple store and get it repaired by them.