Galaxy S6 Poor Battery Life

How To Fix Galaxy S6 Poor Battery Life

The new smartphone from the Korean multinational Samsung is definitely a one of the best smartphones out there. The Galaxy S6 comes with a number of great features and has an impressive set of hardware specifications. But one thing that might come as a disappointment is that it has only 2550 mAh battery. And now when this battery starts behaving badly and you start facing Galaxy S6 poor battery life problem then it is really an irritating situation.

But what should a person do to improve the battery life as he can’t upgrade the battery as it is a non-removable one. This Galaxy S6 poor battery life can really spoil the whole experience of using such an awesome tech piece. So to help you get rid of this poor battery life problem we have brought this post with some possible fixes and tips that you can try.

Possible solutions for Galaxy S6 poor battery life issue

Find where your power is going

When the battery is getting exhausted so early then the first thing to do is to find where all the power of the phone is going. So to know which third party apps are eating up a lot of your phone’s battery just go into Settings and then tap on the Battery option. This will let you see which apps are eating up a lot of battery and then you can just uninstall them if they are not needed or update to other latest versions which are free from bugs. And even if the updated app eats up battery then find some other substitute for that app.

Restart the Galaxy S6

Sometimes just a normal restart is enough to make your phone working back to normal again. So just try that.

Disable not required services

You should also disable the unnecessary services such as WIFI, GPS and Bluetooth etc. when they are not needed as they also eat up a lot of your battery. You are sure to see a tremendous change in the battery life once you disable these.

Low the screen brightness

The screen also eats a lot of your battery. So don’t keep your screen brightness to full. Just keep it at a level which is not uncomfortable.

Also try to not use the graphical wallpapers and instead use a black wallpaper. And if not black then just have a normal image as your wallpaper.

Use in-built battery saver

If the battery is causing too much problems then you should definitely try the in-built Galaxy S6 features to save the battery. There are two modes that you can use to minimize the battery consumption and can really extend the battery life of your phone. These are the Power saving mode and the Ultra power saving mode.

Factory Reset

IF none of the above solutions work then you can try if performing a factory reset works for you. Just backup your device and then perform a factory reset by going to Settings -> Personal – > Backup and Reset. In that menu you would have to select Factory Data Reset and then just reset device.

The above given solutions would definitely be able to help you with the Galaxy S6 poor battery life problem.