Galaxy S6 Performance Issue

How To Fix Galaxy S6 Performance Issue

Ever since Samsung announced the launch of its new smartphones the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge there has been a buzz all over the world till when they were actually made available in the markets. Once they became available the people who were waiting for them just rushed to the stores to get their Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge phones. But after using the phones for a while many of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge users have reported a lot of bugs that weren’t expected in a phone of this high range. These problems have now become a cause of dissatisfaction from their phones among the users.

One such cause is the Galaxy S6 performance issue. The galaxy S6 has shown some performance issues that cause the phone to act sluggish at times and it gets really irritating sometimes when you are in a hurry. So we have brought this guide specifically for those people who are facing this Galaxy S6 performance issue. We are going to suggest some ways to fix this issue temporarily till Samsung releases its update to fix the issue.

Clear cache partition

The first thing that a person can try to make his Samsung Galaxy work normal again is to clear up the cache partition of the device. To do this turn off your phone first and then turn it on by pressing and holding the Home, Power and Volume Down buttons together. Once the Samsung logo appears on the screen you can release your fingers off the buttons.

Now a menu will appear in which you would have to navigate using volume buttons. Reach the Wipe Cache Partition and select it with the power button. Once it’s done just reboot the Galaxy S6 and see if it was able to solve your problem.

Restart phone

When your phone starts acting sluggish just give it a restart. Turn off and then turn on only after a couple of minutes. This simple solution might just serve the purpose for you.

Kill processes

Also keep checking to see that no unnecessary application is running in the background which might be eating up your battery. If you find an unnecessary app then just stop that app.

Don’t use live wallpapers

Also don’t use the live wallpapers as these require memory to run and might make the phone act slow again. So use a simple wallpaper.

Conduct a factory reset

If nothing is working then try going for a factory reset to see if that can help you with Galaxy S6 performance problem. To do a factory reset just go to Settings -> Personal – > Backup and Reset. Now just Reset the phone and give it a restart.

These methods are surely going to help you with the Galaxy S6 performance issue. If none of the above methods has worked then we suggest you to wait for Samsung to release an official update for fixing this issue.