Galaxy S5 Unresponsive Touch Screen

How To Fix Galaxy S5 Unresponsive Touch Screen

Unresponsive touch screen is the common issue with all those whoever is using a Smartphone that has touch screen. Galaxy S5 came with many improved features but the same issue existed for this Smartphone also and most of the Samsung Galaxy S5 users have been seen to complain about it. But everything has a solution and this is the case with Galaxy S5 also. You can fix Galaxy S5 unresponsive touch screen in many ways. All the possible solutions are explained below.

Ways to fix Galaxy S5 unresponsive touch screen

  • First switch off your phone by pressing the power key. Wait for few seconds and then turn it again. Sometimes few problems go disappear once it is turned off and then on. Now check if the problem is fixed or not.
  • This is true that Samsung Galaxy S5 is resistant to water but the touch screen won’t work if it wet. So if the screen of your phone is wet then make it dry and check if it is working. Also if you have just applied lotion on your hand or else you are trying to operate the phone with a wet hand, wipe your hand and then try using it.
  • If there is enough dirt or oil on the screen, it may create the issue. So clean the screen and then try once. Also if your phone has a screen protector or case, it might be the cause of this issue.
  • Sometimes a rouge app or widget can create Galaxy S5 unresponsive touch screen So start uninstalling the apps one by one and see if the problem is solved or not. After knowing the app that is creating the issue you can reinstall the other apps that you have uninstalled. Also because of the outdated apps the touch screen might not work. So, this will be better to update all the apps with their latest version.

If you have tried all the above mentioned methods and still facing the issue, then do not worry as you will get many more ways to solve the issue other than the above methods. Try to go to the settings menu in your Samsung Galaxy S5 and then tap on Display. Here enable the ‘Touch sensitivity’ option in case it was disabled in your phone. Now check if the unresponsive touch screen problem is solved or not. Most probably you might get rid of the issue.

  • Sometimes a soft reset can resolve the issue in just few seconds. To perform soft reset, take out the battery after turning off your phone and wait for 30 seconds. Now insert the battery again and turn it ON. A soft reset can remove the all temporary files which are creating the issue.
  • If every process is failed, the final solution is factory data reset. But remember to take a back up of all the important things as factory data reset will delete everything from your phone.

So every possible ways to fix Galaxy S5 unresponsive touch screen is explained following which you can definitely get rid of the issue.