Galaxy S5 Battery Life Problems

How to Fix Galaxy S5 Battery Life Problems

The Galaxy S5 is one of the most popular smartphones out there in the market and is also among the top phones available. It is definitely a great phone and is loaded with some exciting features and packed with really high performance hardware. But in spite of all that there are some minor issues and flaws that keep troubling the user every now and then. One of the many such issues is the Galaxy S5 Battery Life Problem. This is a situation when the battery of the Galaxy S5 phone starts giving issues and drains out really fast. This is a really annoying problem as the phone gets off just after a very short usage. So in this post we are going to help the troubled users and tell you what you can do when you are facing the Galaxy S5 Battery Life Problems.

Check where the power is going

The first step in the whole battery life problem solution process is to find where all the power of your phone going is. There can be that some third party app is eating up the battery of the phone. So you need to check the battery usage by going to Settings and then tapping on the Battery options. This will give you a detailed idea of where is the battery being consumed. From here you can check if the usage is normal or there is some issue in the pattern.

Disable services that are not required

You should not keep on various services that you don’t even require. Just check if the GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. are switched off when you are not needing them. These services can take up a lot of battery and can seriously affect the battery life of your phone. So just remember to turn them off when you don’t need them and you are surely going to see a great change in the battery life of your Galaxy S5 phone.

Low the screen brightness

The Galaxy S5 screen is definitely great and is a pleasure to use but the screen of a phone can take a lot of share of the overall battery consumption. So don’t keep the screen brightness to a very high level. Just keep it at a level at which it is comfortable for you to use the phone.

Also set the screen off timer so that it doesn’t stay on when the phone is idle.

Use In built battery saver

The Galaxy S5 has provided some in-built services that let you optimize the battery performance. These are the Power saving mode and the Ultra power saving mode. So you can just use them if you are running low on battery or just want to save the phone battery. These can be very helpful in extending the life of your battery.

Factory reset

If the above steps have not been able to solve your problem then you can just try doing a factory reset of your device. This can be done by going to Settings -> Personal – > Backup and Reset. Now just select factory Reset. Also make sure that you take a backup of your important files because this process deletes everything from the phone.