Facebook Messenger Freezing On IPad

How To Fix Facebook Messenger Freezing On IPad

Facebook has launched the Facebook messenger on iPad some time back. But this app has started showing some problems and one of the most common problems that users have been facing is Facebook messenger freezing issue on iPad. The Facebook app has been crashing and freezing which has made the users really frustrated. So in this article we are bringing for you a few ways to fix this Facebook messenger freezing issue on iPad.

Steps to fix Facebook messenger freezing issue on iPad

Just try the following methods described below to fix the crashing and freezing problem of the Facebook messenger. One of the given solutions is probably going to fix your Facebook messenger problem. So here are the possible fixes –

  1. Restart the app

If the Facebook app is not working then you can just try restarting it and start using it again. For this just tap the Home button two times. This will give you a preview of the recently used apps. Here just swipe up the Facebook app and also any other app that you are not using. Now go back to the Home screen and run Facebook again.

  1. Update the app

One of the many reasons that can make the app behave like this is that it’s an outdated version. If you are also running an outdated version of the Facebook app then just update the Facebook messenger and check to see if now the problem gets solved or not.

One of the most solutions for many problems is to try to restart the device and see if that can help. Just press and hold the Power button. You’ll see a slider on the screen which can be used to turn off the device. Once the device is off just wait for a few minutes and then turn it on again and now open the Facebook messenger app to see if it is still showing the same problems or not.

  1. Reinstall the Messenger

One more thing that you can do if the previous methods have not worked is to just try deleting and reinstalling the app. This is really simple solution which might work for you. Just hold on the Facebook messenger icon on the screen and when you are able to see an ‘X’ sign then just click on it to delete the app. After this install it again using the App Store.

  1. Update the iOS

If your device is not running the latest version of the iOS then you should definitely try updating the device to see if that can help. You can try updating it wirelessly or using your computer. If you are updating it wirelessly then just connect it to a power source and to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Now go to Settings and then to General. In the menu select software update and then just install the updates for getting the latest iOS for your device. Once done just check to see if you still face the Facebook messenger freezing issue on your iPad.